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Lumi-nous Textile Printing

StartUp Fashion resource - Lumi-nous Textile PrintingLately I’ve been doing a little research on printing techniques; screen printing, digital printing, batik, shibori, tie-dye, woodblock printing, all the usual. However, upon delving a bit deeper into the possibilities, I very happily came across Lumi Co, a company based in California and run by two innovative and fresh-faced entrepreneurs, that is experimenting with an unbelievably realistic textile printing technique the likes of which most of us have never seen before. The process itself is kept hush-hush of course but the results are pretty amazing. In my opinion, it seems like a step up from digital printing, with more detail, vibrant colors, an almost luminous quality, and a much crisper result while still being completely washable. I really do see it making quite an impact on the home textile and fashion markets. As for my research, the photographic quality won’t really be appropriate for the project I’m currently working on but I’m thinking maybe dish towels with my cheese smiling face as holiday gifts next year. 😉