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Animal Print Textiles Are Steering Fall 2010

Animal Print Trend
Photo Credit: www.Elle.com

Yesterday, while thumbing through the WWD Accessories supplement, I was presented with one fabric trend that I was rather surprised to see: Animal Print, with a specific emphasis on leopard.  So I started digging around online and realized it’s kind of all over the place as a trend this season. Where have I been?  I’m thinking maybe I was subconsciously ignoring it as I tend to really (and I mean really) dislike animal prints in fashion….and the home for that matter.  But apparently, I’m one of the few who feel this way.

So I’m writing this post out of pure curiosity.  How many of you out there are embracing this trend?  Whether you’re a textile designer creating animal-inspired CAD, a fashion designer incorporating it into your collection, or a retail space loading up your racks.  Have animal prints been steering your business this season?