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Finding Our Favorite Fabric Blogs!

StartUp Fashion resource - Our Favorite Fabric BlogsLately, as I become more and more active in the world of social media, I’ve had the pleasure of coming across all sorts of fantastic blogs written by or about independent textile designers; weavers, knitters, printers, felters, spinners, you name it. I really enjoy visiting these online design diaries and even though we consider ourselves here at StartUp FASHION as a blog focused on being a resource for industry professionals, I love the idea of sharing something that highlights the beauty and creativity of this industry; something that is simply lovely to look at. Initially, my idea was to put together one post listing all of my favorite design blogs. However, upon further reflection, I realized that that idea was not one of my better ones. I want to give these blogs the attention they deserve so each week I will highlight one new blog that is well written, visually appealing, and, quite simply, one of my Favorites!

Ok, this week’s Favorite Fabric Blog is Meg Weaves !