3 Must Do Public Relations Tasks Before Checking Out for the Holidays

Public Relations Must Do tasks

The holidays are upon us and we all know that no matter what you happen to celebrate the season tends to be a busy one! It’s time to enjoy the festivities with your friends and family. But before you do so, take the time to tie up any loose ends.

Here are 3 Must Do Public Relations Tasks Before Checking Out for the Holidays

Wrap Up

One week before the holidays, begin to send any pitches and follow-ups that have been on your to-do list. It’s important to wrap things up this way before you’re out of the office so that you don’t forget to do so when you return.  And also to ensure that you’re still on the editor’s radar.

Also, in the email you send, be sure to include the days you plan to be out of the office so they know when to get their materials ready for any upcoming features or posts.


Make sure to organize an automatic away message for your inbox to inform others of when you will be out and back in the office. Note whether or not you will be checking email while you’re away as well as when you’ll be back on the grid.


Use a social media planner such as HootSuite or Buffer to schedule your social media content to automatically post while you’re away from the office. By scheduling this ahead of time you’re free to enjoy your time but still provide your followers with entertaining content.

Since many of your fans will likely also not be working they will have ample time to repeatedly check their newsfeed.  You don’t want to disappear completely for the holidays.

Bonus Tip: When You’re Back in Action

When you return to the office after the New Year refrain from sending pitches for the first two or so days. Editors’ and bloggers’ inboxes will be flooded at this point as they’ve been out of the office and receive easily a thousand emails a day. The last thing you want is for your pitch to be buried by others and overlooked.

Particia Maristch

Patricia Maristch is graduate from Immaculata University and young entrepreneur. She is the founder and principal of Piqued PR, a boutique lifestyle public relations agency piquing the interest of press and consumers. Her years of retail experience, shopaholic tendencies and constant desire for all things luxe, provides a unique viewpoint to public relations and social media. She understands her clients' audience because she IS their audience. While she works and plays on the Main Line her client list extends across the nation working with small boutiques, national brands, high power politicians and everything in between. In addition to Piqued PR Patricia serves as a local Levo League leader, Main Line Fashion Week founder and frequent guest blogger.