Little Las Vegas MAGIC-al Diary- Day 4, D.I.Y and Indie Fashion

Today was fun.  Really fun.  I got up early (as usual) and headed over to the Las Vegas Convention Center for some breakfast with the bloggers.  Then I happily sat in the Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge and wrote a handful of posts about yesterday (many more to come, promise!).  After a few interviews with labels, I participated in the P.S. I Made This funky necklace D.I.Y.   It was great!

Teen Vogue Crafting with P.S. I Made This
Teen Vogue Crafting with P.S. I Made This
P.S. I Made This - Choose Your Brooch
Choose Your Brooch
P.S. I Made This - Pick Your Pearls
Pick Your Pearls
Erica Domesek's D.I.Y Chunky Necklace
Erica Domesek's D.I.Y Chunky Necklace

After that, I was totally unattached!  I hopped on the complimentary limo service and headed to POOL Tradeshow at Mandalay Bay.  This is the section of  WWD MAGIC that excites me the most; independent fashion!  It was wonderful and I can’t wait to put up all the posts.

Now I sit, in my hotel room, trying to get straight all the information I absorbed today.  I feel like I should be out, having drinks, eating great food, and enjoying Las Vegas.  I have to be honest though; I’m dead tired.  So I have decided to act like the proverbial 30year old and stay in bed, typing away, an episode of The Office as background noise.  No, I’m not embarrassed, just exhausted.

Nicole Giordano

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