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Guildery Provides Custom Digital Printed Fabrics with No Minimums

Guildery custom printed fabrics

When we all started our businesses as designers, we were excited to create the apparel or handbags or jewelry we love, exactly as we envisioned it. We had ideas. We had visions. We had determination.

It felt good, we were impassioned. We were ready to take all these beautiful ideas in our heads and share them with the world!

But there was just one problem.

No one told us how freaking hard it was going to be to bring our our ideas to life. Well, they did, but we didn’t listen.

There are so many things that make having a fashion business even harder than having a “regular” business. But one of the biggies, one that really stands out, is the complete lack of resources available for actually making our visions materialize, i.e. the production of our collections.

If “low minimums” isn’t the holy grail of phrases for emerging and independent designers, I don’t know what is.

It so difficult to find fabric and production at minimums that don’t require the financial equivalent of your first born.

There are a lot of components to producing a collection; sourcing just the right fabric in yardage that’s in the single or double digits is one of the most difficult of all.

I think suppliers and factories are slowly coming around to the idea that 500yd minimums are just not where the fashion industry is headed anymore. Individual makers and designers and small brands are the ones moving this industry forward and their needs are very different than those of the Calvin Kleins and Donna Karans of past decades.

So when I meet someone who provides a service or a product that makes sense for you, this next generation of fashion brands, I’m always excited to tell you about them.

A few months ago, having just returned to NYC after a year abroad, I had tea with a woman named Christine. Christine heads up the fashion leg of a company called Guildery, which provides the much needed service of digitally printing your custom textile designs onto a variety of fabrics that you can use for your next collection.

The magic of what Guildery offers is there are no minimums. I’m serious.

After talking to Christine, and then having a lovely conversation about the needs of emerging fashion designers with Guildery’s co-founder, Shane, it became clear that Shane and Christine are two women who want to build something great for the fashion community. So, I wanted to make sure that you, my StartUp FASHION community, is aware of them and what they do.

Guildery has become one of our sponsors, and I’m really excited to tell you about all the great things they offer the emerging and independent fashion designers of the world (i.e. you).


At its most basic, Guildery allows you to submit your artwork, pick your fabric, and receive your prints in 2 to 3 weeks time.

That in itself is noteworthy. But there are more great things about Guildery than just it’s fuss-free system.

Why I Like Guildery

  • It was evident to me during the first discussion that they have a real desire to offer something helpful for this community of designers.
  • They understand that you may never need 1000yds of fabric, actually you may never need 500yds of fabric. And so they never make you feel like you’re trying to “get away with something” when you order 25yds.
  • Speaking of the way you feel, their genuine interest in talking to you, learning how they can better help you, and being open to suggestions and feedback, is totally evident.


Important Stuff You Should Know About Guildery

  • They have no minimums for digitally printed fabrics
  • They print your fabrics in the USA
  • They are constantly working to add new and interesting fabrics to their library
  • They offer services in fabric sourcing and artwork consultation
  • They also offer rush delivery and prints for purchase

You can check out more about the fabrics they offer right here.

If you want to learn more or talk to them yourself, you can also email them right here.

P.S. If you’re a StartUp FASHION Community member, you get 20% off! (details in the Community)


Though Guildery is a sponsor of StartUp FASHION, we never agree to write about anything we don’t think is really awesome and useful for emerging and independent designers. Promise.

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