Fashion Fabric Sourcing

Source Fabrics for Your Fashion Brand with No Minimums!

This blog post is sponsored by our partner Swatch On. The content is inspired by the fabric sourcing marketplace they have created for emerging fashion designers. While this is a sponsored post, I would never share anything with you that I don’t believe to be a truly helpful resource. Promise. 

Sourcing fabric could very well be one of the most challenging aspects of product development. There’s often a desire to find the “perfect” fabric that can create an on-going sense of disappointment. There’s also an almost constant feeling of confusion and frustration– where are all the fabric options? Do I have to go to a trade show? What do you mean it’s not re-orderable?!

I hear ya, designers. You’re making a product, you have a vision, and you need options.

You also need low minimums, variety, the ability to order swatches without paying a fortune, and the availability for re-ordering as needed.

While that sounds like it shouldn’t be too much to ask, it often is. Mainly because the textile industry is still a little antiquated. And with the exception of a few key innovators, not much has changed in the last 60 years when it comes to sourcing your fabrics.

Because of this, it is your job as the designer, the visionary, and the founder of your company to educate yourself on fabrics, do your research, and figure out what are the best options for your product.