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6 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Fashion Brand’s Facebook Page

facebook mistakes to avoid

Having a Facebook page is part of setting a base foundation for branding and marketing your business these days. However, your target audience isn’t going to magically find you and your posts if you’re not taking the right steps with your Facebook page. According to Sprout Social, more than 60 million brands have a Facebook page, and nearly a third of all Facebook users engage with brands regularly, so you need to ensure that your fashion brand is applying best practices to this crucial social network.

There are a few common mistakes that I often see when I audit brand Facebook pages, or come across them in my own personal feed, which can be easily fixed. We’ll dive into the top issues here and show you how to avoid making these common Facebook mistakes for your fashion brand, so you can start reaching more people, getting more engagement, and communicating your brand in a way that your target audience will respond to.

Captions That Don’t Invite Engagement

You’ve most likely worried that your Facebook posts aren’t getting seen by the people who follow your page, and it’s probably a valid concern. Facebook’s algorithm is constantly changing, and there is so much noise on the platform that it is truly hard to stand out. Knowing that, you should always write copy and create content that invites people to engage with you. (more…)