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Afingo Fashion Series- The Cycle of Inspiration

I imagine a lot of you read StartUp FASHION because you are an emerging designer who wants to learn more about the industry.  But I also imagine that there are a lot of you that read StartUp FASHION because you dream about becoming an emerging designer.  Have you heard about Afingo? Afingo can help make a designer go from sketches to samples.

Afingo is a business-to-business platform that connects designers to the production side of the industry by providing them accessibility to resources such as manufacturers, industry consultants, and production managers. Entrepreneur Liza Deyrmenjian founded the company this year and it has been thriving ever since. Afingo is based in New York City and it has a solid team of industry professionals who are experts in the business side of the fashion industry as well as knowledgeable about the production and creative sides.

Afingo’s youngest client is 10-year-old fashion designer Isabella Taylor who recently had a fitting session for her Spring/Summer collection, and went to the Garment District with Afingo’s Production Consultant to shop materials for her childrenswear line. In addition to guiding their clients through the design process Afingo launched the Soho House Series: The Cycle of Inspiration, which will take place at the Soho House Hotel and feature industry professionals as panelists.

There will be a total of three panels from October to January and the first one was held on Tuesday, Oct. 4th. Panelists at this event included Lisa Salzar of Lulu Frost, Luis Fernandez of NUMBER:Lab, Aimee Cho of Gryphon, Miguelina Gambaccini, and stylist Susan Joy. Lucky magazine’s news and features editor Jen Ford moderated the panel and the guests were allowed to ask questions at the end. The main purpose of the panel was to explore each designer’s inspiration process for their Spring/Summer 2012 collections and how they edit what is made into production to meet the profitability goals.

According to NUMBER:Lab’s Luis Fernandez, he gathers inspiration by  “walking around and looking at people on the streets and seeing how they wear their clothes and observing what they need.” The fact that he looks out for what people need instead of trends is a clever move by the menswear designer who’s based in the ever-inspiring fast-paced New York City. “Recently I have been seeing orange shoes everywhere and I think I saw five people wearing orange shoes on the streets today,” he added.

Jewelry designer Lisa Salzar of Lulu Frost admitted that her inspiration for her spring collection had a nostalgic reference. “For Spring I was inspired by my childhood growing up on Long Island and going to the beach and hanging out with surfer boys,” she stated. On the other hand, Gryphon’s Aimee Cho had a gypsy, bohemian girl in her mind when she designed her spring line and she affirmed that her “goal is to get real women to wear my clothes.”

Miguelina Gambaccini’s inspiration was her travels to the Middle East and she confessed that before her samples go into production she wears them make sure that she likes them. However, when she is not traveling she has “friends with interesting lifestyles” whom she considers her muses.

Stylist Susan Joy said that she looked through numerous fashion blogs, wore the designer’s clothes, and mentioned the importance of “stepping out of yourself” when gathering inspiration for a project. “It’s important to see what’s out there and get away from fashion,” she noted.

Each of these successful designers may have different ways of getting inspired but the one thing that they have in common is the ability to recognize that the client or customer want and translate that the best way possible.

For more about Afingo visit http://afingo.com.


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