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Here’s Your List of Fashion Trade Shows 2016

fashion trade shows 2016

It’s a new year year and you might be thinking about fashion trade show participation. If that’s the case, here’ s a list of fashion trade shows for 2016.

Fashion Trade Shows- Sourcing

Source fabrics and trims, attend business seminars, meet factories, sample makers, printers, and all kinds of production focused industry folks. These are shows you attend for free.

DG Expo: DG Expo offers a textile and trimmings exhibit for designers and retailers. The expo also offers seminars on business growth and textile classes. The expo hits New York Jan 20th and 21st, Miami on March 9th and 10th, and Dallas June 13th and 14th, 2016..

Texworld USA: Texworld USA is North America’s largest sourcing event for designers, fabric buyers, and merchandisers consisting of products ranging across the entire spectrum of fabrics. The next Texworld USA is scheduled for January 24-26th, 2016.

Sourcing at Magic: Sourcing at Magic is a fashion-sourcing event where attendees have access to global resources, and receive insight into trends and information regarding inventive technology and the industry. It takes place from February 16th-18th in Las Vegas.

Kingpins: Kingpins offers a tightly selected list of vendors that including denim and sportswear fabric from all over the world. The show happens at various cities, with the next show in New York on May 11th and 12th.

Indigo/ Premiere Vision: This show brings 125 exhibitors including design studios, bookshops, and trend bureaus while showing designs for prints, embroideries, knits and more.

Indigo New York will be January 19th-20th.

Fashion Trade Shows- Selling

Get new wholesale accounts, attend networking events, meet fellow designers, press, boutique owners, and all kinds of sales and marketing focused industry folks.  These are shows you participate in for a cost. For these shows you need to have your packet ready to share with buyers: look book, wholesale line sheet, etc.

EDIT: EDIT focuses on presenting established and emerging designers of premium womenswear for both buyers and brands. EDIT comes to NYC February 22nd-24th, 2016.

ENK (Coterie and TMRW): Run by ENK International, Coterie offers a marketplace to connect designers to international retailers. Coterie is a platform for generating revenue and inspiring trends. It hits New York January 10th-12th and February 22nd-24th in NYC.

Capsule: Capsule holds a women’s show in New York City from February 21st-23rd.

Designers and Agents: Designers & Agents identifies emerging talent and creates connections with designers and buyers. D&A features brands from around the world that are the influencers of the market. This show comes to Los Angeles from January 18th-20th,  March 14th-16th, June 6th-8th, and October 17th-19th, and NYC from February 21st-23rd, 2016.

COAST: COAST shows come to Miami March 21st and 22nd, and to Nashville March 7th and 8th. COAST offers the latest trends and bridges the gap between designers and retailers, while becoming a global trade show.

Agenda: With a portfolio of over 1,000 brands, Agenda is the most diverse and fashion trade show in the world. It comes to Long Beach from January 7th and 8th and Miami from January 18th and 19th and Las Vegas February 15th-17th.

POOL: The POOL tradeshow is where new items are found for the boutique market for all sorts of retailers. POOL comes to Las Vegas from February 16th-18th.

AccessoriesTheShow: NEW YORK AccessoriesTheShow creates the world’s largest and most vibrant marketplace for juried accessories each and every season. Comes to NYC January 10th-12th and February 22nd-24th and Las Vegas February 15th-17th, 2016.

Accessorie Circuit/ Fraiche Circuit:  Established in 1987, CIRCUIT is a comprehensive women’s accessory and footwear exhibition featuring designer and fine jewelry, handbags, footwear, scarves, belts and gift items. Held 3 times a year during the January, May and August NYC market weeks, this exhibition runs concurrently with ENK’s Intermezzo Collections. Comes to NYC January 10th-12th and TBD May and August 2016.

Atelier Designers:  International fashion collections of womenswear, jewelry and accessories to the wholesale trade only. Active in New York fashion trade shows for 16 years, Atelier represents over 100 studio designers. Comes to NYC February 21st-23rd, 2016.

COEUR: Fashion, accessories, gift, home, and lifestyle show. Comes to NYC January 31st-February 3rd, 2016.

TRANOÏ: An artistic platform with a stern selection of international premium designers, created for them to meet the most influential fashion ambassadors. Organizing fashion tradeshows TRANOÏ also puts together artistic installations, designers exhibitions, catwalk shows, parties and all sorts of events which arouse the dreams and desires inherent to fashion. Comes to NYC February 21st-23rd, 2016.

NY NOW LIFESTYLE: Will showcase a broad spectrum of merchandise categories, including giftware, personal care, stationery, fashion accessories and children’s products. Coming to NYC January 31st to February 3rd 2016.

NY NOW HANDMADE:  Representing all home and lifestyle categories and crafted in all types of media – with distinct groupings of designer-makers and global import resources. Coming to NYC January 30th – February 2nd, 2016.

Tips for sales-based Fashion Trade Shows:

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About Nicole Giordano

Nicole is the founder and CEO of StartUp FASHION and has been critical in the launch of hundreds of independent designers’ successful fashion businesses. Prior to StartUp FASHION, she founded a private label accessories brand, led operations for an international textile distributor, and assisted with the raw materials sourcing for labels including Jill Stuart, Prabal Gurung, and Isaac Mizrahi.


  1. Dear Nicole,
    My partner and I have designed products/apparel that will be airing on television in the coming year. We would like to know if the upcoming trade show in NYC Feb 21-23 Designers & Agent and Atelier Designers would be an opportunity to meet manufacturers overseas who might be attending the show to meet upcoming designers hoping to get there business.
    We are excited to attend the event regardless, but ideally would love to meet potential overseas manufacturers at the event. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Kristen Quadland

    • HI Kristen,
      Designers and Agents is a show where buyers are in attendance, not manufacturers. For that, you need to go to one of the Sourcing Trade Shows mentioned in the article.

    • Dear Kirsten, you can contact 470 268 4797 or 678 823 1399. They have an off shore factory and partners that can assist you with quality offshore production.

    • hi Kristen
      Glad to know you are looking for a oversea manufacturer.
      this is Jacky from Jeteway Holding Ltd in China, a professional manufacturer of exporting garments for 11 years with 100 workers, and we make the garments in all procedures, including the pattern-making, sourcing of fabrics and trims and produce.
      we would like to work for you. Looking forward to hearing from you at skype: yc19810923, thanks

  2. I am looking to start up a online boutique selling affordable women’s fashion, and I am registered to attend coterie is this the tradeshow for me as a start up small business owner?

  3. Hello, we are a new women’s online boutique (sassieann.com)I would like to know which tradeshows are best for us to attend. We’re looking to buy trendy and contemporary items.


  4. Dear Nicole

    I’m looking for some more ladies items to add into my store LifeLooters.com, we want our site to be 70% ladies and 30% men items. Hope you can help

    • Hi Nicole,

      I found this website searching the web for events in the Houston, TX metro area to showcase my upscale women’s swim line azulcurry.com. Do you know of any events in this area?

      I’m also checking out the Independent Designer’s Support Community and loving the templates in your online shop!

  5. Hello Nicole

    we just launched our line at MODA New York. Would like to know if it is better to make a bigger investment and do Coterie. Also what other international shows can we participate in? We are a fair trade women’s ready to wear with moderate pricing.

    • Hi Ann,
      I am about to launch my women boutique medium rate in price clothing, from contemporary to semi formal. Looking for suppliers if possible I am open to see your designs to purchase. Please contact me if willing to do business.


      • Hi Rosemarie,
        Cactus & Clyde is a new brand of Southern inspired graphic shirts that we design ourselves. We are currently selling wholesale to Boutiques all over the US and Canada. Our price point is consistent with what you would expect to find in a Boutique and the quality of our clothing is right there too. If you would like for me to send you a current line sheet, let me know.

  6. Hello Nicolle
    I am looking for the right show to find and have business relation for wholesaler or distributors of brand name sneakers such as Nike ,Adidas ,and others etc
    Which show can gives me the most opportunity to meet and have connections for brands name suppliers

    Thank you

  7. Hi Nicole, My name is Sharmin. I am involved in arranging a community/ network event to showcase local boutiques/businesses in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. I mainly am involved in community organizations of immigrant communities (Indian/Bangladesh) but everyone is welcome to participate/attend.The purpose is to give all established and home based boutiques a platform where they can display and sell their merchandises to the community for daily/festival day needs The event will be Sunday, May 29 at 11:00 AM CDT location: Southfork Hotel/Quality Inn, 1600 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074. I know you are very popular in the Fashion community- so just thought to share with you. Anybody needing further info. can contact dfwstylevent@yahoo.com Thanks

  8. Hi Nicole,

    We recently showcased at Magic Las Vegas with a terrible outcome due to bad customer service. Could you recommend a trade show comparable to Magic and/or Project Women in Las Vegas? We are trying to show women’s clothes of high quality and extraordinary but contemporary designs which lie in the upper middle price price range.

    Your help is highly appreciated.

    Kind regards.

    • I am interested in viewing your collections. I am an exhibitor selling beautiful womens accessories & would like to add a new line of unique high quality clothing /accessories

      • Portia Theophilus

        Hi Mary,

        We are also a company which designs and manufactures high-end, luxury exotic leather handbags and accessories. Would you be keen to view our range?

    • I am interested in viewing your collection. I am a month away from launching my women boutique. I’ll be selling medium to high quality clothing / accessories & shoes, mixed in with contemporary and semi formal.

  9. Rosemarie Powell

    Hi Nicole, My name is Rosemarie. I am working on launching my mobile women boutique in the next two months. I decided not to go with a brick wall store because I wanted to be unique. I love transitional pieces that can be worn day into night, sassy & classy. Could you point me in the right direction to locating some medium designers or wholesalers that can provide the clothes, accessories and shoes I am needing for my store? Also if I was to travel where would you recommend that I go that would be beneficial to my business? I value your opinion, please I can be reached at wowpe2015@gmail.com Thanks

    • Portia Theophilus

      Hi Rosemarie

      We are a company which designs and manufactures high-end, luxury exotic leather handbags and accessories. Would you be keen to view our range?

  10. Hi Nicole,

    I am working for a start-up Showsourcing that helps product sourcers to be more efficient.

    So as you visit trade shows I advice you try ShowSourcing it can really help you improving your productivity as you visit trade shows.

    It is a mobile & web application that helps product sourcers and managers to collect and organize data in a blink of an eye during any sourcing event. So as you come back home after an exhausting fair all your precious data are waiting for you fully organized.

  11. Hi Nicole, Thank you so much for the information you provided in this article. My friend and I are planning to launch an ethical women’s wear line and were wondering which trade show would be the best to showcase our line at. It involves recycled fabric and Indian embroidery on contemporary western silhouettes.

    I am based in Chicago while my friend is in India where the manufacturing process will take place.

    Any help will be appreciated!looking forward to hearing from you!


    • Hi Sana,

      I can’t really answer that question since I don’t know anything about your business or your line. I would suggest researching each show, talking to the show director, and deciding which one(s) makes sense for your brand.

  12. Thanks so much for the information you provided in this article. It is very useful

  13. hi Nicole.My name is lee.my husband and i make 100%hand-made leather sandals in Jamaica.how can we be apart of an expo or a fashion convention in or around the New York area?we have a wonderful product and would love to rent a booth of some sort to display our authentic and unique styles, in order to get some attention from potential buyers and wholesalers.Please let me know.


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