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StartUp FASHION’s Super Exciting Sort-Of-Secret Contest!

StartUp FASHION contest

Hello Designers!

The point of today’s article is to share a super exciting initiative we’ve been working on here at StartUp FASHION.  Well, sort of.  See, we have an idea that we know can really help all of you fashion designers take your businesses to the next level.  At the risk of tooting our own horns, we think we have a lot of knowledge and experience we can share with you and we absolutely love the idea of helping designers all over the globe create sustainable, scalable, profitable businesses!

If it seems like we’re being a bit vague and wishy-washy about exactly what we’re up to, well you’re right, we are. The thing is, we want to make sure that the experience we’re planning to offer is an absolutely fantastic one for you!  And we feel that there’s no better way to do that than to offer our idea to a few designers before we launch this awesome new initiative.  Seems smart, right?

So, what does that mean?  Here’s the deal: we’re looking for 5 designers to act as our fashionable, driven, and talented guinea pigs…or the super stylish equivalent of a guinea pig, whatever that is. If chosen, we will discuss the details of our project with you, with the ultimate goal being to help you succeed as an independent fashion designer with a limited budget.  All we ask in return is your feedback on the experience; if you liked it, if you found it helpful, if you would recommend it to your fellow fashion designers, you know, the basics.

This is a great opportunity to be able to be a part of something for free before we launch.

What’s required, you ask?

  • A fashion brand (apparel, accessories, jewelry, etc.)
  • A website for your brand
  • A deep rooted desire to succeed in this crazy business we all love so much!

Want to be considered for one of the coveted stylish guinea pig spots? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Send us an email with a link to your website and four (4) sentences about the progress your business has made so far.
  • Share this link —>http://bit.ly/NAfanY to this article you’re reading with all your friends on Twitter with the hashtag #StUFDesigners

We’ll check out what you’re up to and email you back if you’ve been chosen.  Yep, that’s it.  Easy Peasy.

Deadline for submission: Friday, July 13th.  Less than a week away! Winners will be announced on Monday, July 16th.

So what are you waiting for?!  Go send us that email now before you get distracted on Pinterest! (We know, we lose countless hours of our day on that eye-candy platform ourselves sometimes!)

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About Nicole Giordano

Nicole is the founder and CEO of StartUp FASHION and has been critical in the launch of hundreds of independent designers’ successful fashion businesses. Prior to StartUp FASHION, she founded a private label accessories brand, led operations for an international textile distributor, and assisted with the raw materials sourcing for labels including Jill Stuart, Prabal Gurung, and Isaac Mizrahi.


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