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Bump Up Your Social Cred with Live Stream Video App Meerkat

meerkat app

Just what you’re looking for, another platform for you to share your brand’s content. I know, it’s exhausting and thinking about adding more is is just- no.

But this one is too cool not to tell you about.

The latest buzz is around Meerkat – a somewhat new mobile app, which has hit the streets of SXSW with a storm.

What’s so cool about it? Meerkat allows you to tweet live video in actual real time. This live stream option is super cool, especially for brands who may not have the ability to partner with the big publishers to do so.

Let’s break down the advantages:

  • It’s a free app to download and use
  • You can stream live or schedule your video
  • You can see what people you follow are sharing within the app or on Twitter (or wherever else they have embedded their Twitter feed)
  • In your dashboard you can see live feeds of folks using the app
  • You can see who is watching the live stream
  • You can comment, retweet, and “like” while watching

Why it’s a tool to keep in your social content toolbox:

This app isn’t just another community app. It’s a tool your brand can use to create unique and real time social content on the go.

Imagine being at an event and wanting your audience to see something happen right then and there, you can. There’s no delay. Want to share a live anouncement with your fans. You can. Want to show a unique sneak preview of a new product line coming out, you can.

Brands to look out for who are already there: Mashable, Fast Company, RedBull, Mastercard. No true retail brands yet — but there will be.

If you’re on Twitter, you should consider giving Meerkat at least a test. And if you’re scared of the live portion of it, create a dummy account and play around first.

As Meerkat says, “everything that happens on Meerkat, also happens on Twitter.” So really, it happens everywhere.

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